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We love cars...

...but our passion is outperforming our customer's expectations!


"For some cars are just an appliance serving the purpose of getting them from point A to point B, but for us they are our passion!"

Greg Dunton


Passion for Cars and their Owners

As kids, we watched in awe as they lifted the car to the ceiling and our folks started to work removing dented panels, bumpers, and wheels. They straightened bent frames with the care of a brain surgeon. The smell of freshly detailed cars, grease, and new paint are smells that take us back to our childhood. For some cars are just a means to an end like an appliance but for others, they are a passion!



Brandon Daniel's Accident

We weren't even going that fast it happened right downtown in Anacortes. The sound was unbelievable but when I got out to assess the damage, I was even more shocked! How could such a slow-moving accident do so much damage??



Brandon Daniel's Shelby GT 500

Brandon had only had his dream car for 8 months and had a mere 7,000 miles on it. It was his pride and joy, a vehicle he'd been eyeing for years. We all may have a car that has gotten our attention but for some, there is a car that they have dreamed about for years, watched intently as each new release has come out, and envisioned themselves behind the wheel.

You could certainly call us car enthusiasts! "For some, a car is just an appliance, something to get them from point A to point B, but for others, it is a passion!" shares Greg Dunton.

Brandon is a car enthusiast and as he was just beginning to enjoy his brand new Shelby GT 500, he experienced his slow-motion but nearly car totaling accident. 

As much as we love cars, autobody repair is about the folks we get to help! For many the moment, they come to us is one of the most challenging moments they've faced. An accident even a small fender bender is a huge disruption to day-to-day life. It's scary. It can be costly. It leaves you scrambling to get things fixed and paid for while trying to keep up on your normal routine. We meet people at a moment when they are experiencing all kinds of emotions, anxiety, anger, dread, etc. They are looking at the damage, fearing the cost, and wondering how long they will be without their vehicle. No one is excited to deal with insurance.

That's the moment we met Brandon and his Cobra. We were definitely excited to get to help him restore this prized possession back to its full glory. In our 65 years of autobody history, we cannot remember a more expensive car that we have gotten to rebuild. This thing is beautiful! The kind of car you can't help but drool over. 

Thanks, Brandon for trusting Dunton's with your dream.

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